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Below is a list of safety products the community safety team have for sale and for free.

The Safer New Forest partnership has a range of security products for sale at New Forest District Council information offices across the district.  The high quality products include, an alarmed padlock for outbuildings and a gold standard bike D-lock.  There are also a number of helpful resources, guides and leaflets including a laminated card for drivers to leave in their parked cars which states, no valuables are left in this vehicle, which are available for free.

The community safety team are always happy to assist and advise.


Alarmed padlocks - £10 each


The shock and motion padlock alarm will act as a visible deterrent to intruders looking to break into vulnerable sheds, garages and other rural outbuildings.  This hardened, weatherproof alarm has a powerful 110 decibel siren and is activated by movement.  It was tested by the Hampshire police country watch team who found it unbreakable and highly recommend the alarm. 






Gold standard bicycle D-lock - £19.50 each


Secure your bike when left unattended in a public place with this high quality D-lock with a hardened steel shackle and lifetime guarantee. 



D lock





No valuables have been left in this vehicle - free

Deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle when left parked in a public place by displaying one of these bright yellow laminated cards.


yellow card




This garage is alarmed and this shed is alarmed signs - free

Deter thieves from breaking into you garage or shed by displaying one of these bright yellow cards.


This garage is alarmed

This shed is alarmed










Updated: 29 May 2019
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