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Firework safety advice


The Safer New Forest partnership wish to provide you with some safety advice when using fireworks: . 

Hampshire Fire & Rescue recommend attending organised firework displays/bonfires and more information on planned events can be found on Visit Hampshire.

However if you plan your own firework display, please follow the following firework code:

  • Plan your event, ensuring it's safe
  • Store all fireworks in a closed box, only taking out one at a time
  • Follow the instructions on the fireworks, using a torch for visibility not a naked flame
  • Ensure that everyone is standing well back and that pets are kept indoors
  • Light fireworks at arm's length, using a taper
  • Never return to a lit firework
  • Keep a bucket of water handy
  • Do not drink alcohol if you are responsible for lighting the fireworks
  • Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114 - this proves the product meets British safety standards.  

Further information can be found on Hampshire Fire and Rescue's website. 

Whilst fun, please be mindful of the impact that fireworks can have on people/animals.

Advice for pet owners during the firework season

Many animals are affected by the firework season.  Pets should be left indoors during home firework displays as many are scared and frightened of the noise of fireworks. 

The RSPCA has provided some advice for keeping your pets safe during firework season:

  • Walk your pet earlier in daylight hours
  • Keep your pets indoors while the fireworks are likely to be set off
  • Provide your cat/dog with a safe place to hide that they have access to at all times
  • Close curtains/windows once it becomes dark and put music/tv on to mask the noise of the fireworks
  • Comfort your pet if you feel it helps them to relax or leave them alone unless you feel they will harm themselves
  • Never punish your pets when they're scared as this only makes things worse in the long run
  • Make sure your pet can't escape if there's a sudden noise.  Ensure they are microchipped just in case.

Further information can be found on the RSPCA's website. 

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Updated: 21 Nov 2018
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