Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For up to date information and advice about coronavirus please visit:

For additional information, guidance and support please visit:

Solent Mind

Solent Mind has set up a new Mental Wellbeing Helpline which can offer support for your emotional health during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The helpline is free and open to everyone in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by calling 023 8017 9049.

Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board

Safeguarding adults means protecting the most vulnerable from abuse and neglect.

Abuse and neglect can happen in different ways and be perpetrated by anyone. Abuse is always wrong.

If you see something, are told something or something doesn't feel right, you need to report it.

Report concerns to Hampshire Adults' Health and Care on 0300 555 1386 or out of hours call 0300 555 1373.

If someone is in immediate danger call 999.

For concerns about a child, report to 0300 555 1384.

If you are self isolating:

  • use existing and trusted community groups for support where possible
  • ask family members, friends or neighbours for help
  • if you're not sure about an offer of help, don't answer the door, ask the person to leave details and talk to someone you trust about it.

How to spot the signs of domestic abuse during COVID-19

During these difficult times, how do we as friends, family or neighbours support those who may be experiencing domestic abuse?

Things to look out for:

  • change from video calls to just voice calls
  • talking less often
  • the partner always controlling the conversation
  • the conversation seeming false
  • less frequent or shorter calls
  • hearing arguing in the background
  • seeming preoccupied or wanting to get off the phone
  • seeing less of your neighbours compared to usual
  • a change in children's behaviour in the household.

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