Prevention of burglary and theft

Burglars and thieves are often on the lookout for quick and easy access to houses, sheds and vehicles. An open door or window is an open invitation to them. Hampshire police are always on the lookout for suspicious activity, however residents can take action to stop burglars from breaking into their property. 

Advice to keep your home and businesses safe:

  • keep valuables out of sight from windows and if possible, lock away sentimental items and do not keep large sums of cash in your property
  • keep all windows shut and locked when you are out of the room
  • lock your front and back doors at night or when you are out
  • install an alarm system
  • secure and lock outdoor sheds, garages and side gates
  • ensure that ladders and garden tools are out of sight and locked away
  • place car keys and other keys out of sight and not in reach of any windows or letterboxes
  • if you are out in the evening, to give the appearance that your home is occupied leave a light on or use a timer switch on lamps, remember to close the curtains to obscure direct view into your property
  • any valuable belongings should be security marked with your postcode and house number
  • photograph items of value to assist in recovery or insurance claims.

Blue Lamp Trust

Blue Lamp Trust were set up to promote and enhance community safety within Hampshire. They provide a Bobby Scheme which is a practical service providing free home security for the vulnerable and elderly. A trained fitter will visit and complete a full crime-prevention survey, possibly fitting any of the below:

  • locks
  • smoke alarms
  • door chains
  • spy holes.

The Blue Lamp Trust also fits key safes:

  • the Supra C500 key safe is the only ACPO police approved key safe, available for a donation of £75.00, to include supply and fitting
  • the permanent key safe is a cost effective option, available for a donation of £40.00, to include supply and fitting.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch have produced a helpful guide to crime prevention and safety.

They have also produced an advice leaflet regarding burglaries.

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