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Going on holiday? Don't leave your house looking unoccupied!

If you're going away on holiday, deter burglars by leaving your home secure. The Safer New Forest Partnership warns that opportunist thieves are on the lookout for quick and easy access to houses. Ladders, garden and DIY tools left in the garden or outbuildings are an open invitation to burglars. 

Secure your home

Keep your home secure when you're on holiday or just away for the day with these simple steps:

  • piles of letters behind your front door are a sure sign that someone's away so ask a trusted neighbour to move your post out of sight or to empty your mailbox
  • if you're on good terms with your neighbour, they may even water your plants, put your rubbish out or check up on the property every now and again
  • don't talk about your departure on social media, only tell people you trust about your holiday plans
  • don't say you're away on your home or mobile answer phone
  • security lighting will illuminate anyone coming close to your property, which can be a big deterrent 
  • you can set indoor lights on timers to give the impression that people are at home
  • keep your blinds and curtains partly open but move expensive items and valuables, such as laptops, jewellery and car keys out of sight or leave with a trusted friend
  • make sure all doors and windows, including outbuildings are fully locked
  • install a reliable alarm system, some systems link directly to a security firm or your mobile phone
  • leave a car on the driveway or ask your neighbour to park on your driveway
  • in the unlikely event of being the victim of domestic burglary you need to ensure that your household insurance policy adequately covers any loss you may incur.  

If your neighbour is away and you see someone acting suspiciously around their property please call 101, or 999 in an emergency.

The Safer New Forest partnership urges residents to carry our simple measures to prevent thieves from breaking into their empty properties. 

The Safer New Forest partnership offers residents a high quality alarmed padlock for £10 which can be purchased at New Forest District Council information offices.

Other recommended security measures

You can also help keep your property secure by:

  • securing bikes in a locked shed or garage, the Safer New Forest partnership sells a gold standard bike D-lock for £19.50, available at New Forest District Council information offices
  • keeping your garden hedges and shrubs trimmed to allow neighbours and passers by to see the house and any suspicious activity
  • never leaving a spare key concealed anywhere near the front door
  • making sure you leave gates closed and locked and that fence panels aren't broken
  • not leaving garden and DIY equipment in your garden, burglars could use them to gain entry to your property
  • setting your burglar alarm, if you do not have an alarm, consider investing in a good security system.

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