The Safer New Forest partnership is urging local businesses, farmers and residents to invest in quality security measures, from padlock alarms to security lighting and CCTV.

Making your outdoor buildings secure

The Safer New Forest partnership is offering low-priced but highly-effective alarmed padlock to help householders secure their outdoor buildings and protect their property from intruders. These are available at all New Forest District Council information offices for £10 each. 

Secure your rural business premises from burglars

A burglary at your business is devastating. It can leave you severely out of pocket with a huge loss of income. 

The New Forest is relatively low in crime, compared to other parts of Britain, but break-ins are still common. Rural business owners can protect their premises and their stock by ensuring that the correct security measures are put in place. 

The Safer New Forest partnership urges rural businesses to follow this security advice, as you may invalidate your insurance if you don't. Find out more information by contacting the organisations mentioned at the end. 

Isolated properties, farm shops and stores are all targets for criminals. The partnership advises:

  • be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police
  • regularly review the security of your buildings and property
  • take steps to add extra protection to your building, consider improved door and window locks, security night lighting, CCTV and burglar alarms
  • invest in high quality alarmed padlocks for your doors and storage units
  • grounds security, make sure entrances and exits are secure, well-lit and visible as far as possible, secure your gates and consider extra fencing. 
  • security mark your property where possible.

The Safer New Forest partnership also supports the Immobilise website where you can register your property for free. The Police then use this information to reunite stolen items with its owner. 

Businesses are advised to avoid leaving vehicles with full fuel tanks overnight. Consider anti-siphon devices. Fuel storage containers should be kept locked and alarmed where possible.

Deter metal thieves , don't leave any scrap materials, tools or machinery outside if possible. Lead can be coated in DNA marking grease, which marks clothes and skin, often helping the police to identify the offenders. Consider using alternative materials to lead when making repairs. 

Also consider:

  • coating lead in silver paint, which devalues the metal and makes it less likely to be stolen
  • using coloured lead, which will allow flashing to blend in with the rest of the building, making it more difficult to identify
  • using forensic solution, such as Smartwater, SelectaDNA, or Crimestoppers products to security mark your metal property. 

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